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2021.04 的更新版本,主要包括了以下的修正,維護期內的用戶可以直接線上更新或與我們聯絡。

General / Environment

  • Improved stability when editing a 3D shape with a History Tree.
  • Improved error handling and reporting for file find operations.
  • Improved stability of Optimizer dialog box.
  • Improved positioning of dialog boxes for multipin ports on multi-screen setups.
  • Allow very long Curve names.
  • Pinned variables are now correctly stored when switching projects.
  • Fixed issue in conformal strips operation to make the last algorithm step more stable.
  • Fixed issue in importing Nastran geometry that contains hybrid vertices.
  • Corrected behavior of "Trace From Curve" feature for invalid input values.
  • Fixed issue with rollback to previous service packs.

CST Power'By

  • Set usage tag to "CST Studio Suite" but support loading of "CSTModel" for 3DEXPERIENCE R2021x FD07 and greater.
  • Show A-Solver farfield cuts in 3DEXPERIENCE Physics Simulation Review and 3DEXPERIENCE Simulation Manager.
  • Fixed issue with instancing of sub-assemblies having same name.
  • Improved selection option of origin (CATIA, SOLIDWORKS or Derived Format Converter) in 3DSearch. New Feature!
  • Fixed import of parts of an assembly that contain non-locale characters.

CST Studio Suite Connected

  • Fixed issue when using parametric imports in combination with SOLIDWORKS Connected.

System Assembly and Modeling (SAM)

  • Fixed TLM solver excitation setting inheritance from reference project when creating a simulation project.
  • Remove file size restriction while creating simulation projects involving TOUCHSTONE blocks.
  • Repaired tetrahedral mesh error due to a Boolean add.
  • Fixed simultaneous excitation inheritance from reference project on simulation project creation.

EDA Import / EDA Tools

  • Fixed missing "invert" checkbox in differential port list.

Distributed Computing (DC)

  • Improved search for projects in shared directory.

Biological Models

  • Improved cutting plane visualization for voxel models.


  • Separated Arrow plot and Streamline plot settings.
  • Improved robustness or Report tool when recreating screenshots from existing items.
  • Improved selection for surface current.
  • Improved behavior when out of memory during result plotting.
  • Fixed unavailable 2D/3D Plot.
  • Fixed access to ffmpeg/ffplay in Save Video under Linux.
  • 5G Post-Processing Wizard: New options to specify Quantization error settings and sPD sampling tile size. New Feature!

CST Microwave Studio - General

  • In some cases, the boundary condition's scan angle controls had been hidden.
  • Removed misleading warning for Active Element Calculation with metal layer backgrounds.
  • Fixed farfield list calculation for certain use cases of the farfield template.
  • Fixed crash on Linux when using uV/m as unit for the farfield plot.
  • Fixed issue that a circuit file for a lumped element is not copied to the project when pressing apply.
  • Repaired ASCII export of 2D farfield plots.
  • Updated ADS co-simulation setup instructions.
  • Combine results supports A-Solver results from far field source excitations.
  • Updated Eccosorb materials in material library. New Feature!

CST Microwave Studio - Transient Solver

  • Fixed error in solver setup in case of 4 socket systems.
  • Fixed problem with superimposed plane wave result normalization.

CST Microwave Studio - Transient Solver (TLM Mesh)

  • Enabled support for monitor selection in farfield combine results.New Feature!

CST Microwave Studio - Frequency Domain Solver (Tetrahedral Mesh)

  • Resolved non-existing farfield files when running frequency distributed computing for certain scenarios.
  • Domain decomposition: repaired solver termination with MPI in some cases with repetitions defined.
  • Domain decomposition: fixed incomplete 3D power loss monitor results with MPI.
  • Domain decomposition: improved progress sections with many ports and repaired backward progression.
  • Domain decomposition: fixed port power calculation in some cases.
  • Domain decomposition: repaired solver hang when using repetitions and many excitations with a fine mesh.
  • Domain decomposition: fixed solver hang at shutdown.
  • Domain decomposition: fixed solver termination in special domain setups and repetitions being used.
  • Domain decomposition: fixed solver termination when lossy metal is touching and intersecting domain interfaces.
  • Domain decomposition: repaired solver error with repetitions defined that lead to invalid repetition groups.
  • The combination of results now works properly even in presence of several mesh adaption frequency points.
  • Consider some special cases of symmetries for simultaneous excitations properly.

CST Microwave Studio - Integral Equation Solver

  • Improved error message and mesh feedback for local multilayer setup.
  • Fixed excitation list setup for excited nearfield sources.

CST Microwave Studio - Asymptotic Solver

  • Fixed bug causing infinites in farfield calculation when dielectrics are present.
  • Repaired issue in dialog box setting: Range profile center frequency was ignored.

CST Cable Studio

  • Impedance Calculator warns if the user picked frequencies outside the analysis range.
  • Allow some control over the cable curve type from CST Power'By.
  • Fixed that current calculation was not able to deal with very large .cur input files.
  • Reduced time for overlap checking by excluding twisting of top cable group.
  • Fixed issue with auto-bundling.

CST EM Studio - LF Frequency Domain Solver (Tetrahedral Mesh)

  • Allow calculation of a conductance matrix also for setups where no static solution can be deduced.
  • Improved warning message displayed by the full wave frequency domain solver.

CST EM Studio - Partial RLC Solver

  • Lumped elements defined in other solvers are ignored instead of stopping with error message.
  • Better accuracy in capacitance calculation.
  • All off diagonal RLC entries are displayed in navigation tree.


  • Included molecular hydrogen as new gas in Corona module. New Feature!
  • Repaired issue when importing CST "Export to Spark3D" files with inner surfaces.


  • Included molecular hydrogen as new gas in Corona module. New Feature!
  • Fixed issue when using standard waveguides and parameters at the same time in Rectangular and Circular waveguides.
  • Fixed issue when deleting connection line of a rectangular port in Straight feed contact element.
  • Fixed regression in meshes for HP analysis when simulating cavities with resonant posts.
  • Fixed issues when exporting project with multiple frequency sweeps into DES block.
  • Fixed issue with AFS algorithm due to small numbers.
  • Fixed issue regarding non-PEC materials when exporting projects to DES
  • Fixed issue when computing EM-Fields with waveguide length defined as parameters.

CST PCB Studio

  • Fixed incorrect pin nets for IPC-2581B import.
  • EDA Import into CST PCB Studio: Improved handling of pin names with dashes.
  • Fixed issues with VRM and undefined nets, multi-selection and handling of errors during assignment.
  • Fixed issue when assigning IBIS component.
  • Fixed that there was no transmission to a certain net in 2DTL/SI simulation.
  • Consider touchstone reference pin in PI solver.
  • Repaired PI Solver field plots in case of elevated ports.
  • Added simple checker for package devices to detect inconsistencies in logical models.
  • Provide import/export of PCBS package devices through part library.
  • Provide alternative package data import through CSV. New Feature!
  • Package Touchstone ref pin is handled now.
  • Pin group editor now lists available pins.
  • Fixed that 2DTL often forgets to consider padshapes along traces. Fixes differences between "search distance" and "voltage threshold".
  • Fixed issue when editing the location of a component.
  • Prevent dash character in pin names.
  • Fixed issue with visualization of shapes of unknown type.
  • Fixed issue with repainting of attribute manager.

CST Design Studio - General

  • Fixed issue related to copying/creating simulation projects with TOUCHSTONE blocks with non utf-8 file encoding.
  • Fixed issue related to the Macro "Compensate Self Inductance of Discrete Ports" when the block ports have labels.
  • Improved stability when creating a spectral line task.
  • Fixed inconsistency in RunID module for simulation projects created via array task workflow.
  • Avoid inconsistency when loading buffer models with particular submodel data.
  • Fixed issue on duplication of optimization tasks with FilterDesigner3D goals.
  • Task parameters do not leave traces of previous parameter values.

CST Design Studio - Interference Task

  • Improved performance when displaying the Violation Matrix. New Feature!
  • Improved performance when displaying the Violation Matrix. New Feature!
  • Fixed issue that some spurs were assigned to more than one transmitter or receiver.
  • Fixed issue that violation table was not always being updated after updating a task.
  • Interference task parameters are now correctly displayed when switching projects.

CST Design Studio - Hybrid Solver Task

  • Improved setup time of Hybrid Solver Task.


  • Fixed issue in the xml file for the Zuken output format.
  • Included the support for inactivity timeout. New Feature!
  • Improved the self-extracting functionality at the initialization phase.
  • Fixed issue in splitting type control of IdEM-DES.
  • Fixed issue associated to the labels of data/model in the comparison plot.
  • Improved label format in Smith chart visualization.

Automation / Macros / Result Templates / External Data Access

  • Added "UpdateAllBodyTypes" VBA command to accompany IsSolidShape and IsHybridShape. New Feature!
  • Fixed crash when calling the VBA functions Plot1D.XTicksDistance or Plot1D.YTicksDistance.
  • Fourier Transform - Result Template: Fixed number of samples for double-sided Fourier-Series.
  • Export MDIF File: Fixed index problem relating selected parameter combination, improved performance.
  • LF - Export Admittance/Impedance Matrix as Y/Z-Touchstone: Fixed problem, when using with more than 4 ports.
  • Inverse Chirp Z-Transformation - Result Template: allow arbitrary mag/phase input file-names, new options for numerical filtering.